Being in shape comes down to consistently eating and working out correctly.

The key here is consistency and that's exactly where most fall short.

And that's what POE is best at; Keeping our clients motivated and consistently eating and working out correctly to achieve their goals.

First, our resistance training program.

Muscle is the main driver in metabolism. It is responsible for tone, strength, athletic ability, power, balance, and our ability to protect our joints and bones. Science proves that resistance training is the most effective form of exercise to address all of this.

The problem a lot of people run into is twofold:

1. They don't know exactly what to do or what weight training program is best for them.

2. It's extremely difficult for most people to consistently find the time to put into resistance training.

The POE workout is done on our Founder, Dr. Wiade Miller's patented "P.O.E. Machine". With this machine, we're able to eccentrically, isometrically, and concentrically load any exercise you'd be able to do in the gym with a bar or set of dumbbells. The workout is directed by a personal trainer so you can be confident you're doing the right exercises in the correct form. For a typical workout we pick 4 of our 66 different exercises, the goal of the 4 exercises is to hit every major muscle group. Completing these 4 exercises typically takes 5-10 minutes and is the response our body has to it is equivalent to working out for over an hour in the gym.

Secondly, our fat loss program.

Fat loss comes down to nutrition and consistency. Our POE Fat Loss program was developed by our founder, Dr. Waide Miller. Your trainer will coach you through a 4 phase approach, that's unique to every individual. We'll keep track of the data with our high-end body composition assemment and make changes as we go to keep you motivated and on track. Pair this with our resitance training and you'll see and feel results like never before.